These figurative sculpture are made in clay, fired, then painted with acrylics. I incorporate bronze or copper paint with the other colors to impart a metallic patina. I like to use my tools to ‘beat up’ the clay, making marks and creating texture. The bases are made of wood.

My body of work can be grouped into 3 themes – the human figure alone, the human figure with an object, the human figure in relationship to others.

I intend the individual’s pose to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. With the single woman waiting on the park bench, is she longing for company? Or simply contemplative and content?

Other seated figures suggest daydreaming or reflecting on life. In the figures ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me What To Do’ the physical stance implies defiance or assertiveness.

On another theme, I have an individual ( usually a woman) with an object in their hand. Sometimes this is meant as an offering or gift. (heart in hand) or a symbol of strength ‘Weight Llfting’ or a comment on the business in a woman’s life ‘Multi-tasking’.

My current favorite subject matter is the interaction between two people – be it confrontational as in ‘Unwanted Advice’ or intimate as in ‘Best Friends’. The story behind ‘The Conversation’ is that they are not really having a conversation at all, rather she is talking to him while he is engrossed in reading the paper. The wagging finger, the hands on the hips, the folded arms speak to actions we’ve experienced or may have experienced with partners when in the heat of an argument.

Most of the sculptures are small, between 8 to 12 inches high, and comfortably rest on a mantel or coffee table in your home or office.

Making a bronze is a complicated procedure involving getting casts, pours and patinas done at a foundry. If you are interested in having a custom casting done, please contact me by email at info@louisemonfette.ca

The following pieces are available at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Art Sales and Rental. To purchase or rent, pleases contact https://www.aggv.ca/massey-sales-gallery.